CGR Recruitment launches with Givenomics model

Mark MuphyI had the opportunity to chat with Mark Murphy of CGR Recruitment a few days ago.  He’s launching a new recruitment company with a clear mission.  ”I wanted a business that gave something back but also offered a quality service.  Recruitment businesses can often be thought of as all the same but I want to offer my clients the ability to combine Corporate Responsibility with doing business with me” said Mark.

I was interested in the reasons why he wanted to do this.  ”I’d like to raise at least a £million for charity and in the future be remembered as someone who helped people.  I am building a brand that gives a great service but is unique in its approach.” he added.

In CGR’s great scheme, 25% of their fee goes to charities chosen by their clients and the best bit is that the clients get the kudos and PR benefit.  With access to a network of over 300 recruiters, every sector can be covered across the UK.  If you have a position to fill here’s how to get in touch.

Mark Murphy
t: 07961737372


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