What does Social Enterprise mean to me?


I was delighted to be asked to contribute to The Guardian’s week-long 50 voices project where they asked 50 people to share what social enterprise means to them. They will be revealing 10 responses a day – so don’t forget to go back and catch the latest musings including those of Richard Branson, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, Liam Black, Sophi Tranchell and me :) . If you can’t wait here’s my contribution below…

Our current economic models have not served us well.  For many, this has led to a general mistrust of prosperity on personal and business levels.   Unfortunately, that mistrust has been well-founded in many cases but this attitude is not a healthy one for any economic community.

We need new models that enable companies, customers and communities to prosper together.  Social enterprises are part of the answer to this issue.  By blending financial and social goals to build long term value, we can build an economy that has sustainability and contribution as a core part of its purpose.

This explains why social enterprises are becoming so popular.  We all know we need something different and we expect those making profits to become part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem.  Social enterprise are a key part to putting long term sustainability before short term profits.”

Richard Morris, founder and MD
TheGivingMachine – a not for profit social enterprise that makes giving free

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